Being an entrepreneur is not as rosy as we think. It is one of the hardest decisions to ever make especially when you decide to start with little or no help from anyone. We only see the glitz and fun part of it, why’s this? Entrepreneurs only show you the comforts and perks of being a boss. By being an entrepreneur you should be ready to lose your capital for the first 1-3 years, why?

No entrepreneur gets it right at the first try, even those born with silver spoons never get it right the first 2-3 trials. No one really shows the world their failures except it’s in the open. Be ready to face these little hard knocks if you really want to thrive in this entrepreneurship business.

  1. Your friends are not your clients/customers.
  2. Family members will ruin your business (respectfully).
  3. Nepotism in business is a big no.
  4. Friends will not support your business.
  5. Your customer base will not mould immediately.
  6. Hard work without consistency will not grow your business.
  7. Close friends and family will purchase from others exactly what you sell at a higher rate.
  8. You will be criticised.
  9. No one will believe in you (not immediately).
  10. You will be discouraged, disorientated and dismayed.
  11. Things will most likely not go as planned.
  12. You will loose a lot of money .
  13. You will be forced to make though decisions.
  14. You will be at the verge of giving up .
  15. You most likely will but you shouldn’t!
  16. Depression and frustration will creep in but you need to trust the process.

Do you still want to be an entrepreneur? Well yes!

You need to the extra strength to push yourself only because you see the goal and you are certain of the end results, remember it doesn’t have to make sense just immediately.

Here are some positive facts about being an entrepreneur.
  1. Working with the right people can make you a multi millionaire in a snap.
  2. Nothing like a 9-5, more like a 9-11. Lol!
  3. You get to be your own boss.
  4. You work at your own pace .
  5. And most importantly you get the chi-chin.