Why brand owners should embrace criticism than compliments?

The struggle we face in our daily lives is a "4" letter word "fear."

We face the fear of: letting loose, letting go.
Being: judged, corrected, criticised.
Being held: accountable, responsible.

That shouldn’t be the same for brand owners, as a matter of fact brand owners should cultivate the habit of embracing criticism in the business field. It’s best if brand owners took criticism more like “aggressive correction” from an elementary school teacher.
People don’t put effort in things they don’t value, whether good or bad, the more criticism you get the more the room for improvement.
Often times people (brand owners) take criticism as a form of hate or jealousy either from customers or tag alongs. Someone not so popular said and I quote “the fear of failure is the beginning of failure."

Compliments are good but criticism breeds positive change to your business depending on how your brand disseminates the information, embrace all form of black lash whether bad or bad. No brand has completely had it smooth, no matter how good its services are, you still see that people tend to search deep just to find loop holes. Regardless of how often you get criticised, make sure you take that into serious consideration, filter out the most important one and trash the rest. Gather your team and figure out what you are not doing well.

As cliche as it sounds, if all you get is compliments then something is definitely wrong, why? Because criticism is a part of growth and if you don’t grow you remain stagnant and if you stay stagnant you lose and when you lose, you close shop.

Remember that the reason why you started your brand is the eradicate a common problem not just for you but for millions of people and when they trust you enough to use your services they also trust you enough to listen to their complaints and work on them the best possible way, yes we know not all critics are worth answering but with strategic thinking and updates you can tell which is standing with the goals and vision of the brand.

Now you know why it’s very important to embrace criticism, be transparent with your clients and let them know that you hear them. It breeds trust.